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It's only Monday, JCI has opened its collapse

It's only Monday, JCI has opened its collapse

Andrianus.my.id -Opening trading this morning the Composite Stock Price Index ( IHSG ) was observed to be weakening and moving in the negative zone.

JCI fell 60.44 points (0.94%) to 6,651 compared to last weekend's closing position at 6,715.

Ajaib Sekuritas Financial Expert, Ratih Mustikoningsih said, there was a number of information that also influenced the JCI rate throughout the day.

From within the country, Bank Indonesia recorded a Price Monitoring Survey in December 2022 predicted inflation of 0.37% mtm. Meanwhile, the Fiscal Policy Agency projects that Indonesia's economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2022 will be around 5% YoY, slowing down compared to the third quarter of 2022 which reached 5.72% YoY.

The sluggish economic growth is due to the performance of the domestic economy which is still hampered by uncertainty and the potential for a global economic slowdown.

From abroad, the President of the World Bank, David Malpass, is worried about the global inability to manage debt defaults in low-income countries and the increasing debt in rich countries. The World Bank currently operates the International Development Association (IDA), a platform to address poverty in 74 poor countries with a loan value of US$62 billion this year, growing 35% over the previous year.

Meanwhile, Eurostat reported that European GDP grew 0.3% QoQ or 2.3% YoY. The increase was driven by Germany's economic growth, fixed capital investment driving the region's performance, and the good contribution of household consumption.

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