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This is the Right Way to Clean Your Own HP Camera

Way to Clean Your Own HP Camera

andrianus.my.id – Many technology users use tissue and the edge of their clothes to clean the screen or camera lens of their cellphone. In fact, careless cleaning can scratch the camera lens and make it damaged.

In cleaning HP cameras, you don't need to go to an expert to do that. The reason is, you can do this independently using items at home. Launching the KompasTekno page , here's how to properly clean your own HP camera.

How to Clean HP Camera

To produce clear results when shooting and not scratch the lens, you can clean the camera in the following ways.

1. Use a cleaning pen

You can use a cleaning pen to clean the HP camera from dust. This cleaning tool has a bundle of soft bristles that will not scratch the lens of your cellphone.

Cleaning pens come in different shapes and sizes. This size and shape is usually distinguished by the width of the bristles and the fineness of the bristles. For that, you can choose the size that suits your cellphone camera lens.

In addition, you can also use a makeup brush that is clean and has soft bristles.

2. Use a microfiber cloth

If your camera lens is covered in fingerprints, you can clean it using a microfiber cloth or soft buff. The microfiber cloth will remove the smudge without leaving lint on the lens.

You can use any soft cloth to clean the camera lens. Avoid cleaning with a tissue, because tissue always leaves dust particles on the lens.

Way to Clean Your Own HP Camera

3. Use lens cloth

Not only exposed to dust or fingerprints, usually the camera lens can also be exposed to oil that is transferred from your hands by accident. To clean the oil, you can use a lens cloth moistened with lens cleaner.

Lens cleaner can help you to clean the camera from stubborn oil and dirt. Avoid cleaning them with wet wipes, because wet wipes often contain softeners that will make your lenses even more oily.

Also avoid using paper towels moistened with water, as this will add dust to the camera lens when dry. The tissue particles will stick and make your lenses dirty.

4. Use lens cleaner

Specialized lens cleaners are a good choice for cleaning camera lenses. This cleaner is usually a diluted alcohol solution. If you don't have a lens cleaner at home, you can even make your own.

To make lens cleaner, you only need isopropyl alcohol and 50:50 distilled water. Avoid using tap water, so that dust does not easily stick. Those are the ways to clean the HP camera lens. I hope this helps

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