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Shares of Top Gainers for the Week, SINI Soared 159 Percent

Shares of Top Gainers for the Week, SINI Soared 159 Percent

Andrianus.my.id , - During the week (21-25 November 2022), the Jakarta Composite Index ( IHSG ) slightly weakened. However, a number of stocks managed to become the most profitable, led by SINI whose share price jumped 159.17 percent. 

Quoting data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Saturday (26/11/2022), PT Singaraja Putra Tbk. (SINI) recorded the highest growth during the week by increasing 159.17 percent from only 218 per share to 565 per share. 

The increase was followed by PT Tanah Laut Tbk. (INDX) which parked at level 356 rose 48.33 percent together with PT Bumi Benowo Sukses Sejahtera Tbk. (BBSS) which rose 39.34 percent to a price of IDR 85 per share.

Apart from these three stocks, there were TMPO, ASMI, ARII, TRIS, and MRAT which rose quite sharply and rose in share prices by 35.59 percent, 31.5 percent, 30.2 percent, 28.57 percent and 27 percent, respectively. 61 percent.

The rest, the top 10 gainers were filled by BCIP and BMSR which rose 26.32 percent and 25 percent respectively. Acting Daily Corporate Secretary of the Indonesia Stock Exchange Albertus Fajar Subagyo explained that IDX trading data for the period November 21 to 25 2022 varied. 

The increase occurred in the Exchange's market capitalization by 0.12 percent to IDR 9,484.633 trillion from IDR 9,473.062 trillion in the previous week. The movement of the Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) fell 0.41 percent to 7,053.150 from 7,082.181 the previous week. 

"Then, the average daily transaction value of the Exchange changed 16.25 percent to IDR 10.401 trillion from IDR 12.419 trillion in the previous week," he explained in a statement, Saturday (26/11/2022). 

Foreign investors in trading Friday (25/11/2022), recorded a net selling value of IDR 1.07 billion and throughout 2022 foreign investors recorded net purchases of IDR 79.479 trillion. The average IDX transaction volume fell 1.58 percent to 17.985 billion shares from 18.274 billion shares. The average daily transaction frequency of the Exchange decreased by 13.88 percent to 1,063,305 transactions from 1,234,632 transactions in the previous week.

Here are the top 10 stock gainers  in trading this week:

Shares of Top Gainers for the Week, SINI Soared 159 Percent

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