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Miscellaneous Anti-hassle Franchise Business to Auto Cuan Guarantee

Miscellaneous Anti-hassle Franchise Business to Auto Cuan Guarantee

Andrianus.my.id - Franchise or franchising business is now increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia. This scheme offered by brands from various business lines is an attractive option for people who don't want to be bothered with building a new brand from scratch.

You can find these businesses at the XIX Franchise License Expo Indonesia (FLEI) Exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) 18-22 November 2022. Around 300 franchise and license brands participated in the event.

One of the most popular sectors is the food and beverage (F&B) franchise. For those of you who are interested in getting into this industry, here detik.com summarizes some interesting businesses that offer franchise schemes.

Miscellaneous Anti-hassle Franchise Business to Auto Cuan Guarantee

1. RM Padang Payakumbuah Arief Muhammad

This business, which was born from PT Rasa Muda Makmur (Akang Group), has only been around since June 2022. Payakumbuah Business Analyst, Della, explained that people who are interested in opening Payakumbuah must prepare investment costs starting from IDR 1.45 billion.


"For the Payakumbuah franchise, it starts at IDR 1.45 billion. That includes a 5-year brand liason, training and mentoring services from us, training raw materials, initial raw materials (1 week), marketing activation, layout design, outlet setup, and uniform costs," he explained when met by detik.com at JCC, Jakarta.

These costs do not include renovations for outlets, furniture, kitchens, eating and cooking utensils, operating costs, space rent, and advertising permits. If totaled, the estimated cost could reach Rp. 4 billion. Usually, the investment costs outside the Rp. 1.45 billion fix package will be readjusted to the location of the RM Padang Payakumbuah outlet.

Della further said, currently Payakumbuah sales estimates are in the range of Rp. 1.5 billion per month. Meanwhile, for daily operations, the range is in the range of Rp. 20-25 million per day. "And for turnover, we can get in the range of Rp. 40-50 million per day," he continued.

Meanwhile regarding the estimated return on investment or break event point (BEP), Della said it could be achieved in under one year. Partners will also be subject to profit sharing taken from profit or net profit.

"Per month there is profit sharing with us, but it is taken from net profit, not revenue. That's 70:30 for the first 2 years, then going into the 3rd to 5th year it's 50:50," he said.

This partnership will last for 5 years. Della said that if the partners wanted to extend the business contract for the Padang Payakumbuah restaurant business, they would be charged around Rp. 700 million.

2. Baba Rafi Turkish Kebabs

Head of Franchise Development Baba Rafi Enterprise, Hari S, said the investment cost is in the range of Rp. 75 million to Rp. 350 million, depending on the type of outlet chosen. The contract period is 5 years.

"Depends on the type. The type of cart or black kiosk is IDR 75 million. Usually small outlets in front of Alfamart, Indomaret, etc. For above that, we have Black Booth. That's IDR 125 million, usually at Pertamina gas stations. ," said Hari when met by detik.com at JCC, Jakarta.

The costs are complete including the kiosk, equipment, and training for employees for 5-6 days. All online platforms will also come from the company that registered them. Meanwhile, Hari continued, turnover was in the range of Rp. 18 million per month.

"Based on the analysis that has been running with us, the standard per day is Rp. 600-650 thousand, the turnover is Rp. 18 million per month. Or around 30 pcs per day. The black booth costs Rp. 1 million per day because the menu is bigger," he explained.

Meanwhile regarding the estimated return on investment or break event point (BEP), Hari said, the range is 16 months or 1.4 years for regular ones, referring to the estimated turnover previously mentioned. While the Black Booth, in the range of 19 months.

Baba Rafi also provides two management systems, including regular and sharia or autopilot. Regular is a system whose management is entirely managed by partners. With this system, partners will only be charged a royalty fee every month.

"For the small type, Rp. 25-125 million, a fixed Rp. 600,000 per month, as a royalty fee. For those that are above that, for the Rp. 250-350 million type, the royalty is 5% of turnover," said Hari.

Meanwhile, for the sharia or autopilot type, partners only need to pay investment costs, then Baba Rafi will manage the kiosk as a whole. Partners will be subject to a profit sharing system of 50:50 per month.

Miscellaneous Anti-hassle Franchise Business to Auto Cuan Guarantee

3. Burger Bangor

To become a Burger bangor franchise partner, you need to prepare IDR 105-120 million for a 3 year contract period. There is a cashback promo of IDR 10 million if you join during the exhibition. Marketing Communication for Burger Bangor, Silvi said, there are two types of cooperation packages.

"We have two packages, the first is a standard package at Rp. 105 million and a complete package at Rp. 120 million. Equipment is included. But there are some that are excluded for the standard package but are already included for the full package. All that remains is to provide a place and employees ," he said when met by detik.com at JCC, Jakarta.

Included in the standard package are a partnership license for 3 years, a 200 x 60 cm booth, a neon box, initial raw materials worth IDR 5 million, along with employee uniforms. The company will also assist in analyzing the market location of partner outlets first.

"The standard does not include chiller equipment, freezers, tabs for the cashier system, and cellphones for online ordering. All equipment belongs to partners," said Silvi.

Silvi said, the estimated stable turnover per month could get IDR 80-100 million, while when it was at its peak it could reach IDR 250-300 million. Meanwhile, for estimated return on investment or or break event point (BEP), the fastest is within a span of 6-8 months. Meanwhile, from the lowest calculation, it could take up to 12 months.

Later, each month partners are also required to pay a partnership fee with a flat amount of IDR 1.75 million. However, Silvi emphasized that there was no sharing of profits or other fees.

4. Pak 'D' Grilled Chicken

With only IDR 10 million, you can open a Pak 'D' Grilled Chicken franchise. Marketing of Ayam Bakar Pak 'D', Karismawan said, the capital is for the license only type of cooperation, the original price is IDR 100 million. This discount is intended for partners in the Jakarta area, who already have a place and business location. This fee also includes a permanent brand license or in other words only one time payment.

"If he already has a place and location, he can buy a license only. So later this will include assistance in the development process, we will also make training," he said when met by detik.com at JCC, Jakarta.

Karismawan also shows the estimated cost of setting up the outlet as a whole. For a mini shophouse with a size of 25-80 square meters, the total is around IDR 100 million. Meanwhile, for restaurants over 100 square meters, the cost is in the range of IDR 150-200 million. Setup costs are estimates from start to opening for raw material costs, operations, and so on.

"Or for people who don't want to be complicated, we have two choices. There are autopilot stores, and those who invest in existing stores. If Autopilot is the one who builds and develops, we will operate. So you don't have to bother looking for crew and so on. so on," he explained.

This type of Autopilot or complete package is priced in the range of Rp. 200-250 million (not including land rent) and Rp. 300-400 million (including land rent). This figure also includes initial raw materials, all equipment and setup, as well as the operational team.

Meanwhile for the invest existing store type, specifically for Surabaya. The system is like investing in an existing store, with a price range of IDR 350-600 million and a profit sharing system of 25:75. But before BEP, 100% of profits would go to partners.

"On a day outside the weekend, we can get over Rp. 100-150 a portion. Not including if there is a rice box event, sometimes a day can be up to thousands of portions.

As for the estimated return on investment or break event point (BEP), he continued, the average estimated time is 18 months. But he also emphasized that it all depends on field conditions, the BEP time can be faster, even the longest one can be up to 2 years.

Partners will also be charged a royalty fee of 3% of monthly turnover for the license only type. As for the autopilot type, it uses a 60:40 profit sharing system. Meanwhile, even though the purchase of this license is for a lifetime or valid forever, Karismawan stressed, there are several notes that must be obeyed, such as buying raw materials that must still be from the center. In other words, the system is semi-semi fast food in grilled chicken products.

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