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BI Checking Has Changed, Now You Can Check Through the Application

BI Checking Has Changed, Now You Can Check Through the Application

andrianus.my.id - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) launched the idebku website, idebku.ojk.go.id.

IDebku is a platform to provide services to the public and improve easy access to debtor information in an integrated and integrated manner between the Head Office and Regional Offices/OJK Offices (KR/KOJK) in one place.

The site can be used by the public and financial service companies to check debtor's credit records at any time using smartphones , computers, and tablets.

Chief Executive of Banking Supervision Dian Ediana Rae said that the Financial Information Service System (SLIK) is an information system whose management is under the responsibility of OJK. The aim is to support the implementation of supervisory duties and information services in the financial sector.

SLIK stores debtor information or also known as "iDeb" which contains a history of credit and/or financing of a debtor.

iDeb is one of the important information in the process of granting credit or financing. The data from the iDeb can be used by bank and non-bank financial service institutions in making decisions on the process of granting credit or financing to debtors.

"To answer the high demand for iDeb by the public, the OJK has developed a new application called iDebKu," said Dian in a written statement, quoted Wednesday (9/11/2022).

The service for providing debtor information by OJK to the public, including through the iDebKu application, is free or free of charge.

BI Checking Has Changed, Now You Can Check Through the Application

How to access my iDeb

Here's how to access the iDebku service online:

  • Open the application via the https://idebku.ojk.go.id web page. 
  • Then click the "Registration" menu on the main page of the OJK iDebKu application.
  • The applicant fills in the registration data completely and correctly.
  • Upload a photo of yourself by demonstrating the instructions the app asks for.
  • After successful registration, the applicant will receive an email with the registration number information from OJK.
  • The applicant can check the status of the application on the "Service Status" menu by filling in the registration number.
  • OJK will process the iDeb application and send the iDeb result via email to the applicant no later than 1 working day after registration is made.

The development of the iDebKu application is in line with the OJK Destination Statement for 2022-2027, Directions for Development of Financial Information Service Systems (AP SLIK) for 2021-2025, and is part of the Information System Design (RBSI) for 2019-2022 and also for RBSI for 2023-2027. .

Previously, the debtor information exchange information system was managed by Bank Indonesia (BI) under the name Debtor Information System (SID) or known as "BI Checking".

With the transfer of banking supervision authority from BI to OJK, SID was replaced with SLIK managed by OJK.

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