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Considering Mini Gold Investment, Profit or Loss ?

Considering Mini Gold Investment, Profit or Loss?

The phenomenon of mini gold investment offers is currently emerging in the community. Gold with a small grammage is widely offered as an investment instrument.

Some investment offers that appear give the label saving gold. From andrianus.my.id 's observation on Instagram, for example, some parties offer mini gold investments to the public. One of the offers found in the form of mini gold weighing 0.025 grams with a purchase price of only Rp. 40,000.

The gold is labeled as a gold puzzle. From the bids seen, the gold can be collected and sold for larger gramms. "Let's just start with Rp. 40 thousand. Small can be big," wrote the caption of one of the uploads of the mini gold offer.

Even in the same place there is gold with smaller gramms for sale. The gold is sold at a starting price of IDR 6,000 with a size of 0.001 gram.

Considering Mini Gold Investment, Profit or Loss?

This time the gold was labeled as gold savings for children. "It is most suitable to be used as a gift and a media for your little one's savings," wrote one of the bids uploaded.

PT Antam as the state-owned gold producer also offers mini gold . Can be for souvenirs or investment. As of Thursday, on Antam's EmasKITA page, for mini gold with a size of 0.1 grams, the selling price is around Rp. 156.602-157.303. Meanwhile, for mini gold with a size of 0.2 grams, the price is IDR 297,232-298,563.

How about the selling price? For the 0.1 gram size, the buyback price or selling price reaches Rp. 88,560, while the 0.2 gram size reaches Rp. 221,400.

Can You Make Money?

Director of PT Laba Forexindo Berjangka Ibrahim Ascustombi said that investing in mini gold is indeed possible. It's just that the benefits will likely not be great.

"Investment is possible, safe haven, there are goods. It is possible that people who are not strong enough to buy gold by grams can invest, but the profits are not big.

What makes mini gold unprofitable is that the purchase price is too expensive than the price it should be. According to him, there are more costs for mini gold sellers to produce and issue certificates.

He gave an example that gold per gram is currently around Rp. 900 thousand/gram, if you want to sell it as mini gold with a size of 0.1 grams, the price can reach Rp. 175-180 thousand. The results of his monitoring in the market like that. Even though the actual count of 0.1 grams of gold is only around Rp. 90 thousand.

Considering Mini Gold Investment, Profit or Loss?

"The cost of certificates and production makes them expensive. Smaller precious metals are more expensive than buying 5-10 grams of gold. If you want to invest 10-20 grams at the same time," Ibrahim explained.

Now the more people buy mini gold to save gold, the more they lose, because they have to pay production costs and certificates more than once. Not to mention when sold, the price will be cheaper.

"The high cost is when people want to sell it when the gold price is as high as anything, it won't be BEP, it's not profitable, you know. Finally, some people thought that I was cheated. Automatically there were a lot of protests.

On the other hand, DCFX Futures Analyst Lukman Leong said mini gold is suitable for those who are just starting to learn to invest. At least raise awareness of saving for young people.

Considering Mini Gold Investment, Profit or Loss?

But still, Lukman said this instrument cannot be used for serious investments and looking for profit. Just as Ibrahim said, the price of mini gold will be much more expensive than the actual price.

"However, it is not suitable for serious investment. This is because the price of mini gold is much more expensive than gold with a more common weight," when contacted.

In addition, until now there is no mechanism and market for buying and selling mini gold, while gold traders prefer gold with a minimum weight of 1 gram. So it is likely that the purchase price will be much more expensive at the selling price. "So when you buy you will be charged a large premium, and when you sell you can be subject to a big discount.

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