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Three Structured Warrants ADRO, BBRI, UNVR Officially Launched Today

Three Structured Warrants ADRO, BBRI, UNVR Officially Launched Today

The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will receive three structured warrants today, Monday (19/9/2022) with the underlying shares of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (B BRI ), PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR), and PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk (ADRO).

The three structured warrants were issued by RHB Sekuritas Indonesia and will be listed on the IDX trading board

BBRI structured warrant products will be registered using the code BBRIDRCM3A, while the code UNVRDRCM3A will be used for products belonging to UNVR. Furthermore, ADRO structured warrants will be registered with the code code ADRODRCM3A.

It is hereby announced that if all the requirements for Listing Structured Warrants as stipulated in Exchange Rule Number IP concerning Listing of Structured Warrants on the Exchange have been met by PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia, the listing of Structured Warrants will be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on September 19, 2022," said information disclosure quote

Meanwhile, the structured warrant product was officially released in early August as a form of deepening the Indonesian capital market

The three warrants are call type structured warrants with a conversion ratio of 3:1. The validity period is nine months with maturity on 19 June 2023 and the structured warrant trading period starts on 19 September 2022 until 13 June 2023

Structured warrants are securities issued by financial institutions that give the buyer the right to sell or buy an underlying security at a predetermined price and date

Through the issuance of this type of warrant, investors can take advantage of the price movement of the warrant to be able to get it with relatively cheaper capital compared to the price of the underlying stock

The following are details of the issuance of structured warrants listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 19 September 2022

  • Code : ADRODRCM3A
  • Launch Price : IDR 298/unit
  • Implementation Price : IDR 4,350
  • Implementation Date : June 19, 2023

  • Code : BBRIDRCM3A
  • Launch Price : IDR 342/unit
  • Implementation Price : IDR 4,800
  • Implementation Date : June 19, 2023

  • Code : UNVRDRCM3A
  • Launch Price : IDR 370/unit
  • Implementation Price : IDR 4,850
  • Implementation Date : June 19, 2023
Three Structured Warrants ADRO, BBRI, UNVR Officially Launched Today

Head of Sales Equity Derivatives RHB Sekuritas Indonesia Steinly Atmanagara reminded potential investors to first know the risks that could potentially arise before investing in this instrument.

The first risk of structured warrants is market risk. Steinly said structured warrants derive their value from the underlying stock . This makes structured warrants vulnerable to adverse movements from the market in which the underlying company operates.

Structured warrants contain leverage. So the movement of structured warrants will be more aggressive compared to the main shares," Steinly said in a video uploaded to the official RHB Sekuritas Instagram account.

The next risk comes from a limited time span. Structured warrants have an expiration date. Unlike stocks, the time value of structured warrants will decrease and have the potential to expire over time.

This structured warrant has a term. So make sure that if you have entered, you must also be ready to exit. If we wait until maturity, we have to determine whether it is in the money or not,” he continued.

Although there are a number of risks, Steinly believes that investors need not worry. This risk can be avoided as long as investors equip themselves with information about structured warrants by studying and understanding this instrument.

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