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These are the most profitable and profitable stocks when the JCI is like a roller coaster

The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) posted a less than bright performance this week amid investors who tend to worry about the impact of rising global inflation.

So far this week, the country's benchmark stock exchange index slumped 1.02%  point-to-point,  after being so volatile. Nevertheless, the JCI still weakened slightly by 0.05% in a month, and still strengthened 1.68% over the last 3 months.

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) closed down nearly 2% on Friday (16/9/2022). The country's benchmark stock exchange index closed down 1.87% to 7,168.87. JCI is far from its psychological zone at 7,300 and is now in the psychological zone of 7,100

n the midst of the weakening of the country's index this week, there were at least six stocks that appeared to be among the top gainers and six stocks that were hit by significant selling actions and became the top losers in the past week.

The following are the 'lost' and 'lost' stocks this week compiled by the CNBC Indonesia Research Team.

In the last trade, the transaction value of COAL's shares in yesterday's trading reached Rp. 5.13 billion with a volume of 12.53 million shares traded. Foreigners continued to sell COAL shares reaching Rp 1.34 billion in the regular market.

After soaring and scoring  multiple auto reject  limits (ARA) and being in the  top gainers  for 5 consecutive days, COAL shares finally entered the  top losers  ranks and scored ARB for the first time on Thursday. 

Investors who own COAL shares seem to have made a sell-off after COAL's stock price scored volumes of ARA. From the initial offering price of Rp 100/share to the close of trading last Wednesday at Rp 470, COAL's shares have skyrocketed by 370%.

Even from its IPO price to the close of trading yesterday, COAL's shares have skyrocketed by 338%.

Based on the information from the IDX, the listing of COAL shares is carried out on the IDX Development Board. COAL became the 44th listed company to be listed on the IDX in 2022.

COAL is engaged in the Energy sector with Oil, Gas, and Coal sub-sectors. The COAL Industry is Coal with a Coal Production sub-industry.

COAL's President Director, Donny Janson Manua said the coal produced by the company has high coal quality, namely GAR 5,500 which has a very wide share, export and domestic.

The Company releases shares to the public through an initial public offering (IPO) scheme of 1,250,000,000 shares on behalf of or 20% of the issued and fully paid capital after the Public Offering.

With the IPO price, the Company obtained proceeds from the Public Offering of Rp 125 billion.

The entire proceeds from the Initial Public Offering after deducting issuance costs will be used by the Company, approximately Rp. 40 billion will be distributed to the Subsidiary, namely PT Dayak Pembangunan Pratama ("DMP") which will be used for DMP's capital expenditure purposes. While the rest will be distributed to DMP and used for working capital by DMP.

In addition to several stocks being the top gainers , there are several stocks that are the top losers , along with the ranks of this week's top losers .

PT MNC Kapital Indonesia leads the ranks of top losers this week with a decline of 19.74% in a week to a price of 122/unit.

In trading this week, BCAP's share price moved in the range of Rp 121-157/unit. Until the last trading last Friday, the market capitalization value of BCAP's shares reached Rp 5.2 trillion

If you look at the trading data for the past week, BCAP's shares have never turned green, with 4 times red, and 1 time stagnant. Nevertheless, BCAP still experienced an increase of up to 11.93% in the last month.

During the week, foreign investors recorded a net sell of BCAP shares up to Rp 2.31 billion in all markets this week.

If you look at the performance of its financial statements, BCAP managed to record a positive financial performance during the first semester of 2022. Similarly, the performance of the company's shares also recorded a capable achievement this year.

BCAP managed to book a net profit of Rp 52.39 billion, an increase of 312.6% from Rp 12.7 billion in the same period the previous year.

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